Our Company’s strategic vision is strongly driven by our customer’s needs. We are committed to fulfilling these needs and building long-term customer loyalty. We listen carefully to what our customers are telling us and tailor our deliverables to the customer’s needs.

Market Dynamics

Chicago, Illinois |

2i has been Market Dynamics’ technology partner since 2007. We built a group of custom applications that handled the unique data collection and processing approach this market research company requires.

Maltese Government

Malta, Europe |

2i has been one of the major software vendors for the Maltese government’s e-government program. We developed many ministries’ portals, develop and support many of the governments’ applications.


United States |

2i completed many projects for the benefit of local communities in the Middle East through funds from the United States Agency for International Development.


Atlanta, Georgia |

2i developed and supports all of VetScene’s software applications including an online portal that connects to veterinary clinics throughout the US to extract patient data and then presenting it to pet owners.

2i Nova

Atlanta, Georgia |

2i Nova, Inc. was founded in 1988 in an effort to bring affordable veterinary Practice Management Software to the veterinary market. Our philosophy revolves around a belief that our existing clients are more important than attracting new clients. This simply means that the usual high level of marketing costs are poured back into creating the best support team in the industry. This also allows us to have the most cost effective software on the market today. Please take a moment and browse through our literature.

EDC Technology

Chicago, Illinois |

With over 45 years of experience providing proven solutions to the higher education market, EDC technology understands the complex and varied needs of colleges and their staff. Our innovative products and services are designed to be cost-effective, easy-to-use and to enhance the student experience. Campus Anyware is EDC’s campus administrative solution, providing the comprehensive data required for institutional needs, as well as externally-mandated reporting.