Our Projects

We develop innovative web solutions to achieve your business goals and launch the best web projects possible.

Lenti – System for National Screening Programme

The scope of the LENTI system developed by 2i is to ensure a smooth and easy way for screeners, college staff, and parents.

Portal for the Ministry of Justice

This portal (www.legislation.mt) is the new portal for the Ministry of Justice, accessible to the general public.

Department of Information Stock Control

The DOI Stock Control system is used to manage various stock and services

Health Care Professionals System

Health Care Professionals System is an online solution used by different councils in the Ministry of Health Malta, to offer a more efficient and effective service to the citizens.

2i BizWay

BizWay is a comprehensive Planning, Budgeting and Performance tool with an integrated collaboration and communication interface with advanced search capabilities.

Corporate Travel Management System

CTMS records all meetings, Itineraries & helps calculate all expenses incurred by / refunded to governmental delegates travelling abroad.

Diplomatic Card Management System

Diplomatic Card Management System issues special Identity Cards for any Diplomat performing duties for Malta

Health Accounts (SHA 2011)

Health Accounts is a budgeting system used by all Hospital Entities to record all expenses incurred to be used when drafting the national budget.


Crowdfind's facility management software uses images to improve your procedure. Now offering software solutions for Maintenance and Lost and Found.

2i OSA

2iOSA is an indispensable tool for Colleges and Universities desiring to boost their recruiting efforts, as it provides a direct port of communication between Universities and prospect applicants Online.